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Relax! - Have your residential or investment property professionally inspected.

Our reports provide you with the right information to make the correct decisions about the property. Our clients love our thorough approach.

“Being first home buyers we wanted to make sure the house was in good condition. We now know what problems the house has. Very, very thorough - excellent service.”

Rob and Becky

Pre-purchase building inspections - house inspections

Pre-purchase building inspections

Who can you turn to for help?
Who is there to protect your interests?

Expert inspections and reports prior to purchase of a property are invaluable in the final decision making process.

We identify existing problems, potential problems, short term and long term maintenance issues and any lack of compliance with Australian Standards.

Building inspections during construction

Building inspections during construction

We provide inspections at critical stages of construction to take the stress away.

These include footings (foundations), wall and roof frames, brickwork and roof cover, second fix carpentry and cupboards etc… up to and including practical completion (handover).

All details are presented in a comprehensive, easy to read, written report.

Building inspections for houses, investment and commercial properties

Building inspections - existing buildings

Residential, investment and commercial properties are inspected and assessed to identify existing or potential problems.

Reports cover materials, maintenance issues, alterations and compliance with Australian Standards.

Building a house? Blue Chip's building inspectors, based in Adelaide, are your solution for building inspections of existing buildings. Houses under construction are also assessed to ensure compliance with the Building Rules and Australian Standards.

Blue Chip Building Consultants Pty Ltd is a specialist building inspection and project management firm, whether you are buying a new home or need expert inspections and reports prior to purchase of a property.